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(I tried to put 5 stars but my keyboard doesn't work and my mouse is non-existent. If I didn't have a touch screen I wouldn't be able to do anything on my laptop.) Anyways, great animation and super funny plot! Captain Tardigrade's apathetic attitude towards others is somehow hilarious. Although maybe it's a coping mechanism for not getting too close to someone who isn't borderline indestructible. I might be over-analyzing that. Anyways, the idea is great, especially since tardigrades have gone into space. I've always loved water bears, even if nobody else seemed to. I happen to think they're adorable, but I also think that about the tongue eating louse, so my thoughts on cuteness may be a bit off.

That narwhal obliterated three laser sharks like it was nothing! It feels like an understatement to say they beat them polar bears in a fight. Way to go, Narwhales Rule!

Other than the extremely short length, I like it. The voice acting and art is just right for creating an open situation. The dude might be either an extremely disturbing psychopath who actually amputates the feet of babies and replaces them with various species of lizards, or just a guy with a weird sense of humor who doesn't conduct sickening reptile/human experiments in reality. With just 6 seconds, perhaps we'll never know.

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I really loved the dream he had. Excellent symbolism! It's a sign of a great series to come.

You're free Dave!

I love the game with its cute mix of dinosaurs and clay. How did you even come up with that idea? I would have liked a few more shortcuts, and it would be cool to show the clay balls and clay fruits that you've already found on the map but can't yet access. Super fun graphics, very good game play, and I love that end part that tells the silly names of the clay dinosaur enemies. The one serious issue I have is that none of the medals seem to be working for me.

Butzbo responds:

It's great to know about the ending characters bit!, many old games did that, and it was fun to come up with bizarre/silly names for all of those creatures.
The idea in particular came from... a blend of isolated characters that came when I was gathering elements for a simple platformer, I'll make a more elaborated post about that in particular in the upcoming weeks showing the early stages of the game.
(also, medals have been strangely inconsistent to implement, there are more variations to test, though)

Thanks a lot for your comments! feedback will be very useful for upcoming versions of the game.

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This would make the best music for the turning point of the battle! You know, where the bad guy is gloating, but then the good guy gets up with renewed energy and determination and wins. Epic!

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Looks good, the human teeth add a surreal creepiness to the worm. I would love to rate it but I can't find the rating button...

I'm loving the pun here!

That's really creepy... It resembles the baby that a blobfish and a seahorse might make if they banged in a radioactive cesspool in a foreign planet, with a diseased zubat as a surrogate.

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